Naluri Group of Companies (NAC) is a Malaysian Company licensed under Ministry of Finance with the objective of providing multitude of services in Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Construction and Marine Industries.

NAC if fully committed to provide best service to our Customer as we select and emphasis development of intellectual and competent personnel. Naluri Group of Companies (NAC) now had expanded to Qatar in order to deliver reliable services by focusing on Safety, Quality and our Clients.

Naluri Al-Alam Contracting and Trading (NACQ) is QATAR based company, has been incorporated under Ministry of Commerce with the key objective to be the local company that support Qatar Market for provision supply, Maintenance, Repairs and Project Management Team with competent personnel.

We are currently working hand in hand with our Manufacturing and Technical Partners DSCAFF, Technomech, KOLLING and VALSER in Malaysia with more than 25 years experiences. Our offering ranging from Scaffolding & Safety System, In-House Designing, Engineering Solutions, Power Plant Maintenance, Onshore Plant Maintenance, Offshore Platform Maintenance, Air Supported Dome, ETFE Foil and Fire Fighting Systems.

Our products and equipments has been accredited with the Certification of ISO 9001 : 2008 and TS 29001 and have been designed to comply fully with API, BS, EN, and NZD, ANSI-SSFI, TUV and QCS Standards.

Scaffolding and Safety System

Our partner Dscaff, are capable to design the range of scaffolding and safety systems which are able to address the challenges of a wide range of industries and applications.

Onshore and Offshore Plant Maintenance

The pre-outage planning helps identify necessary maintenance and avoid unnecessary maintenance. It also focuses on Actionable Information – what to work on, why to work on it…

Power Plant Maintenance

TechnoMech is OEM certified and able to undertake both Major and Minor Inspection and Maintenance of rotating equipment, and has a proven track record of working with OEM’s such as Alstom, General Electric…

Air Supported Dome

Air-Supported Dome is a volume enclosing membrane which carries load developed from the tensile stresses.Its stabilization is done by pre-stressing the membrane by internal air pressurizing.

ETFE Cushion

ETFE foil roofs can be supplied as a single layer membrane supported by a cable net system or commonly a series of pneumatic cushions made up of between two and five layers of ETFE foil.

Modul Arena

Eco-friendly grandstands for the community, by the community. When it comes to designing grandstands, ModulArena is always looking for solutions that will benefit the local community development and at the same time be eco-friendly

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