Our Services

Shoring system

Our partner Dscaff, are capable to design the range of scaffolding and safety..

Architectural design

Our professional and skilled designing team is capable to design own drawings, according to the requirement from our..

Engineering service

We offers technical expertise and global leverage in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services..

Onshore oil and gas

The pre-outage planning helps identify necessary maintenance and avoid..

power plant installation

TechnoMech is OEM certified and able to undertake both Major and Minor Inspection and Maintenance of rotating equipment…

Shutdown management

The impacts of a shutdown or turnaround can make a difference in the supply and..

air supported structures

Air-Supported Dome is a volume enclosing membrane which carries load developed from the tensile stresses..

Modular grandstand

Eco-friendly grandstands for the community, by the community. When it comes to designing…

ETFE exterior cladding

ETFE copolymer is extruded into thin foil to be used in modern architecture. Light and UV-permeability, flame..

ETFE Air cushion

ETFE foil roofs can be supplied as a single layer membrane supported by a cable net system or commonly a series..

Onshore oil and gas

DtransEnergy is specialised in Project Management and overlook EPC..

Fire fighting system

Our partner Kolling, manufacture ranges of product including fire hose reels, hose racks, cabinets, nozzles..

services naluri malaysia

Our Range of Supplies: Frozen & Canned Meat, Poultry and Processed Meats
Frozen & Canned Fish and Seafood…

steam and gas turbine maintenance

Specialized in outage management, plant consultancy services, maintenance works Turnaround and Shutdown…