Scaffolding and Safety System

Scaffolding and Safety System

Our partner Dscaff, are capable to design the range of scaffolding and safety systems which are able to address the challenges of a wide range of industries and applications. Dscaff’s Scaffolding integrates seamlessly to bring the best efficiencies to your project. From tubular, to modular to alloy truss systems, these all integrate with our modular designed safety systems.

SAS Modular Scaffolding

Dscaff SAS Modular Scaffolding has exceptional loading capacity that allows you to stock just ONE system to support your heavy duty shoring requirements as well as provide access scaffolding. This ensures greater utilisation of product than ever before.

steel scaffold tower

A full range of fully compliment and branded tubular scaffolding with accessories are available. This type of scaffolding widely used in the Oil&Gas and Energy sectors.

Safety catch net

Construction Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is statistically proven that a safe working environment equals a productive work environment that will deliver your project milestones on time without the added cost of stoppage time.